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    Re-design of Plural Design
Re-design and identity for Plural design
University project, 3rd year, 1st Semester
For this project, our teacher asked us to re-design a logo - originally created by our design colleagues several years ago - Plural Design.  The logo existed for many years, and it is known by other Universities, and local residents because of a yearly  fashion show put on by students. This is held every year by Design students in the heart of Portimão(Algarve). This year (2012), Plural would not solely be the fashion show , it was decided to expand upon the original theme; other events would also be held at the university. These sub categories would be: lab (laboratory); txt (conferences); act (fashion show); expo (exhibitions) and pop out (urban interventions).

We were asked to create an identity for this new venture, keeping in mind that we also needed a main logo to represent the projects as a whole. For my proposal I decided not to make huge changes to the logo, given that it already had many followers, opting for a cleaner typography, and changing the 'U' of the logo (the original logo can be seen below in the manual). The 'U' represents the events as a whole, given that there are 5 events. The main logo incorporates all  the colours of all events, each individual event has an applicable colour  .  

For the second part of this project, we had to come up with a proposal for the first event that Plural Design would hold - Plural Pop Out. Pop Out consists of interventions in empty shops in the local high-street of Portimão, which have been suffering due to the credit crisis. The idea is to increase shoppers into the area and entice them to shop in the shops. The name of this event would be called 'Venda de Valores' (values on sale). I decided  to keep my proposal traditional as Portimao is a traditional town, with traditional pavements  and true to its 'values', therefore i  created a typography based  on the traditional pavement (known as calçada), which is laid all over  the high street areas,
This i feel highlights the need for shoppers to buy local,  re-enforces  traditions for visitors and encourages them away from the large anonymous "Shopping Malls".
Identity manual
Proposal for poster for Plural Pop Out
Ideas of other posters - examples of how the poster grid works with other events
Flyer proposal for Plural Pop Out - front and back
Proposal for promotional action to take place in the heart of Portimão. The action would have the lettering in the middle of the shopping area, and throughout the streets, some of the stones would be pink, creating a path for people to follow, ensuring that people didn't get lost, and making the local shopping area more interesting