I finished playing BioShock this year (years after it was released) and I immediately became a fan. I'm only halfway into the game and I'm already in love with the art deco theme of Rapture and especially its story. It's one of those games that fully immerses you into the world that you start to think about the what ifs and implications of a world like that.
The failed utopia of Rapture has engrossed me. The people (or what's left of them), the history, the big daddies, the little sisters. I hope to make another artwork for Columbia, soon. Columbia, of course, deserves a story of its own.
I've always wondered how people got accepted into Rapture. I know Andrew Ryan sent letters to all the revolutionaries, the artists, the scientists of his time but I liked to imagine some grandiose gesture that would come with it so I made some sort of a golden ticket to this world of his akin to the ticket given to the lucky few to gain entry to Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Thanks for watching!