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The Transition Between Two Variant Real
(ink on 30cm x 42cm coffee stained paper)
The Act of Releasing from An Attachment that Brought Most of Our Ignorance
(ink on 30cm x 42cm coffee stained paper)
"We Know Better"
- ink on 30 x 42 cm coffee stained paper

~ "Ah, yes, it may be that the human race is doomed, never to learn from its mistakes. We are the only animals on this globe who periodically set out to slaughter each other for the best, the noblest, the most inescapable of reasons. We know better. But we do it again and again in generation after generation. It may be that our empire, too, is doomed - like all those that have gone before it - to continue to spew and waste its best blood on foreign soil, no matter what we say or do in this place, or think, or believe, or have learned from history.

But, thank God for us."