The style for this piece was kept minimal and was inspired by movie posters in the Hitchcock era, specifically by the iconic graphic designer Saul Bass. 
In the play, a jury of 12 men are put in a room to decide the fate of a teenage boy who has been charged with murdering his father with a knife. As the play goes on, we hear the thoughts and opinions of each man as they try to settle on a unanimous vote of innocent or guilty. It's not an easy task, however, as one man fights to prove why he believes the boy is innocent in the face of the other 11 men who are convinced he did it. Many tense arguments and a few physical squabbles unfold throughout the piece. I felt these themes and scenes called for something bold and striking in design terms. 
The title was designed to make up the image of a knife and sits on the left side to allow the production dates and other information jut out to the right. I chose a thin typeface for the top so that as your eye went down the poster there would be a visible, gradual change in weight. I like the dramatic combination of red, white and black and felt these three colors fit the bill when it came to portraying themes of guilt, innocence and violence. Being that red is such a bold color, I knew it was the right choice for the background so everything on top of it could pop.
American Advertising Awards (2016)
National: Finalist
Regional: Gold ADDY (Out-Of-Home - Poster: S09A Single)
Local: Best in Show ADDY, Gold ADDY (Out-Of-Home - Poster: S09A Single)

Adobe Design Achievement Awards (2016)
Semifinalist (Commercial - Print / Graphic / Illustration)
12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men

Artwork for the Selma Arts Center's 2016 Production