Better Cotton
Sustainable Cotton Innitiative

Despite its ubiquity, cotton is one of the thirstiest and dirtiest crop in the world. It needs a lot of water, yet best grown in dessert-like climate, where water is scarce. To ensure a successful harvest, it uses a lot of pesticide, insecticide, and fertilizer too. Undoubtedly, the current way of growing cotton is unsustainable. From water scarcity, drought, salinization, to the mass animal die-off, the impact on the environment and biodiversity are remarkable

However, only a few are familiar with the issue. Most of us still buy clothes without a care about what their clothes are made of, let alone the true cost behind it.

With the trend of fast fashion, cotton still irreplaceable, but the way we grow cotton must change.

Better Cotton is a more sustainable standard system of growing cotton. It is a product, but more importantly, Better Cotton is a movement of continuously improving the environment and the people living in it.

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