Second volume of our brand new deal format Lucky 15 bundle – 6 authors in 1 bundle for only $15. And you’ll be very lucky with all these amazing vintage style fonts & graphics ;) So this time with 15+1 vintage or grunge style fonts, graphics & photos. As always only highest quality resources in one bundle! Small budget and you’re just starting your freelance career or looking to beef up your own custom font, graphics & photo library, this Jumbo Deal is just for you! With almost 95% off + extended license and available for limited time only, you’ll need to grab this new Lucky 15 bundle while you can.
With this deal you get:
- 15+ vintage style items & bundles
- and also exclusive extended license!
8 Amazing Custom Fonts (+ extra font like bonus)
1. Kulacino Rough & Regular by Imagitype
2. Insomnia by Roman Jokiranta
3. Bronson Font Family by Roman Jokiranta
4. Dignity Cursive + Bonus by TSVcreative
5. Another Whiskey Label Font by Trivia
6. Bandidas Label Font by Trivia
7. Bourbon Whiskey Typeface by Trivia
8. Whiskey Shine Typeface by Trivia
7+1 Logo Templates, Graphics & Photos
1. 50 Vintage Animal Logo by TSVcreative
2. 50 Vintage Personal Logo by TSVcreative
3. Vintage Animal Pack + Bonus Font by Roman Jokiranta
. 45 Heavy and Subtle Grit Textures by TomChalky
5. 41 Roller Paint Textures by TomChalky
6. The Air – areal photographs pack by Madebyvadim
7. “Wide Visions” – landscape panoramas by Madebyvadim
BONUS ITEM. The Woody Collection by Madebyvadim
Lucky 15 Bundle vol.2 – 15+ Vintage Bundle