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    | UnUsual Snobbism | Is a simple random thought of the contemporary generalist scene of hobbies and taste about things.
| (Un)Usual Snobbism | 

The term "snob" is often misused when describing a "gold-tap owner,"
i.e. a person who insists on displaying (sometimes non-existing) wealth through conspicuous consumption of luxury goods (clothes, jewelry, cars etc.).

Such person on the contrary craves the attention of snobs, trying to convince them with such consumption of his or her wealth and therefore status.

Sophisticated snobs will then often assess that in such case there is no equation between (apparent) wealth and status, reducing the gold-tap owner to the object of their mockery. ​​​​​​​
Such person is referred to as a snob victim. The snob victim may be exploited economically by being deceived by a seller of "Aspirational Goods" (by means of advertising) into believing that status can indeed be acquired through consumption of such goods.

Snobs can through time be found ingratiating themselves with a range of prominent groups – soldiers (Sparta, 400 BC), bishops (Rome, 1500), poets (Weimar, 1815), farmers (China, 1967) - for the primary interests of snobs is distinction, and as its definition changes, so, naturally and immediately, will the objects of the snob's admiration.
Same applies to the automotive scene and the automotive culture it self, it passes through generations, to the actual present scene we are in today. 
Putting this by other words, that the different styles, brands, and the Fashion part of it all can also be a tad "Snobbish" in a way that most might be Fashion or Snob victims. 
By this means, From what one possesses translated to RaceBling or Car Parts added to a project, can determine what you are? 
Ridiculously many might be terribly mislead and awfully mistaken by the reasons that takes some one to use Replicas or Original parts to achieve a final statement. 
In resolution of everything above, is enjoy what you have and what you accomplish by your own merits. 
Enjoy and take advantage of what was provided for you by you. 
There is no need to brag about. 
Thanks for browsing!