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Furry Warfare
Character Design
"Wyld Rabbits" fighter squadron
"The Armored Furryloves" tank regiment.
"STOMPER"-class heavy walker covering some rangers.
Repair Stop
"Swift Justice" fighter jet.

A "Sentinal"-class patrol boat down the river

"Flying Tank" assault chopper taking off

"Tommy-Boy" walker tank and crew with two rangers

5th Battalion Paratroopers Training

a Convoy en Route.

Two Scouts and a "Hopper"-class Light Walker.
"Wyld Rabbits" fighter squadron 3D render by (the awesome) Vilson Martins!
Furry Warfare

Furry Warfare

a personal project i've been playing with in my spare time this past year or so. Cute VS Serious was what i was going for with these. I'd like to Read More