Thief Of Hearts
+ Graduation!

A few weeks ago I graduated from my Master with great honours. It feels strange to finally be done with school. I took some time off to catch up on some much needed sleep. However, I decided it was about time to show you guys what I’ve done for my final school project. Without going into much detail, I developed a story and told it trough my illustrations. My overall goal was not to make illustrations that were technically impressive but it was more about achieving a certain atmosphere and focussing on the feeling of a piece so that it would best fit with the story.

Not focussing too much on the technical aspect also helped me to quickly achieve a good result, I spent quite some time on making thumbnails and small sketches before I started working on the final illustrations. This approach helped me to do one or two illustrations a day. This resulted in challenging myself to do 15 illustrations in 15 days, a really great exercise from which I learned tons of stuff. In the end I decided to present the illustrations not as a complete storybook, but as individual pieces built around the same story. Our very own Michael Meier helped me by printing these illustrations (as you can see in the pictures I took below) on high quality paper (Giclee on Hahnemühle Cotton Paper).

Shameless self promotion:

For those interested, I started an ETSY store where I’m selling the illustrations as Numbered Limited Edition Prints. To visit my ETSY store follow the link –> Etsy Store

Looking back at my last year at school I feel a big relieve that its all over, I’m excited for whats to come and I’m looking forward to start a professional career as an illustrator & concept artist (preferably freelance). So my next goal is to get some work ASAP!

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