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    Between Designations Photographs by Candace Gaudiani Kehrer Verlag, 2012
Between Destinations
Candace Gaudiani, photographer
Kehrer Verlag, 2012
Candace Gaudiani’s photographs, all taken from train windows, are intimate portraits of the American landscape. This book, “Between Destinations,” assembles photographs from several bodies of her extensive work to create a unified and compelling experience. After seeing the photographs in person, I was drawn to their lyricism and the stories that Gaudiani could tell through them. Being an interior sort of person myself, I wanted the book’s design to capture the feeling of being both inside (the train) and outside (in the world’s open space). Gaudiani allowed me the freedom to create rhythm, momentum, and stillness by bringing together multiple images in varied, loose formations that make the most of the book’s horizontal format. A large double gatefold embedded deep in the journey heightens the book’s physicality. And, if all this weren’t enough, Alison Nordström’s essay, “A Moving Eye,” is a deeply touching tribute to the evocative strength of these pictures.