After a couple of years it's finally time for a big logo restyling. I'm totally satisfied of the previous one (also featured in the Pantone gallery) but I want to do another step with something more minimalist and essential.
The font I've used is the Nexa Bold. Starting from the two letters "HA" (Hansen ART) I've applied a fake "italic" effect on the "H" in order to match the "A" inclination.
From this point the idea was to remove a major part of booth letters in order to make the logo essential.
I've decided to add also a text under logo in order to make it more readable and also for some kind of use I'll do of this one.
As usual I don't like to use too many color on a logo so this time I've decided to work with black and the PANTONE Medium Yellow C (and yes I'm a huge Yellow lover).