Our desire was to convey the 43 experience. Licor 43 is a Spanish liqueur made from citrus and fruit juices, vanilla and various herbs and spices which, in total, equates to forty-three ingredients. Loved for decades in its native Spain and now sold internationally, the Licor 43 brand sought to develop an Sale Wizards app that would assist bartenders, mixologists, and alcohol connoisseurs to properly make, sell, and enjoy drinks using their product.
The Licor 43 Sales Wizard App assists in determining the best way to sell Licor 43. With the Sales Wizard you have the capability to file a report on bar promotions and menu placements. As well, it has the ability to guide the user to the correct selling tools needed to close sales and thereby drive sales growth.
The app includes an extensive, easy-to-find library of drinks categorized by client preference, the type of establishment the project is being sold, the type of drink compliments available at that establishment, among other factoring elements.
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