Meru Cabs 
Online Bookings Website
Client: Meru Cabs (largest radio cab company in India)
Agency: Dotahead
My role: Information Architect, Lead UI designer, Project Manager
Project Brief: Overwhelmed by customer deamand, Meru cabs call centers were choked to the hilt. To cater to customer demand, they wanted to improve the web channel for bookings. This project was to redesign and build the website to enable swift DIY cab bookings.

Business Outcome: Within 3 months of launching the new website, traffic grew 7-fold. Withing 10 months, it achieved 1 million bookings online. Within a year, the bookings through the web channel grew from less than 2% to 25% of overall bookings.
Booking Engine
Meru Cabs Homepage Design: The homepage focused on the sole intention of receiving bookings with a majority of the real estate was covered by the booking form.
The booking form was integrated with a fully automated cab dispatch system that allocated a cab autonomously for each incoming booking.
The real-time system brought back details of the cab and the driver straight away. Thus eliminating any need for human intervention. Customers hummed a happy tune secretly.
Personal profile of bookings
Ancillary pages
Cabvertise: Advertising on the cabs
Track a cab on the map
Meru Cabs Media Center
Cabvertise Advertisement rates
Customer Feedback
Proposed backend to monitor incoming booking requests