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Ex libris collection

Personalized ex libris collection

Our bookplates, also known as ex libris, are usually small prints or decorative labels pasted or stamped into a book, often on the inside front cover, to indicate its owner, and make the property look more unique. They usually consist of the owner's name or monogram, and a motif that can be related to the owner of the book, requested by the owner or by the designer.
Ex libris for János Arany, he is a choir-master and a teacher with a wide range of interests.
Ex libris for Ferenc Margl, he requested a peryton.
The peryton is a mythological hybrid animal combining the physical features of a stag and a bird.
Ex libris for Gergő Gilicze. His bookplate is a dove headed knight to guard his library. He adores the mediaeval culture
(even has a badass long sword) and his surname Gilicze, which means dove.
Ex libris for Melinda and Bence, a newly-married couple, who love Hungarian folk dance.
Ex libris for János Kőrös, young graphic designer. He loves nature, forests, and many things related to woodwork.
Ex libris for Cecília Bán, she requested a girly, art noveau style stamp. 
Ex libris stamp for István Orosz (also known as Outis). Outis was the name that Odysseus used to mystify the cyclops, Polyphemus.
Ex libris for Nikolett Jánosi, a cute graphic desginer. She is a delicate girl, just like a doe.
Ex libris for Barbara Bernát. She is a clever, fighter amazon, who fights
for the world's beautiful things and loves small and big animals as well.
Ex libris for Mátyás Dunajcsik. This animal is a water-raven, which is half fish and half bird.
Dunajcsik refers to river Danube, our famous king was also Mátyás, whose heraldic animal was a raven, with a gold ring in its beak.
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Ex libris collection


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Ex libris collection

Bookplate indicating ownership of a book from Halisten Studio, 2013–2015.