DRIVE in toothpicks.
8000 toothpicks. 70 hours.
This is my entry for the anual D&AD Student Awards.
Sudmitted under Ilustration, the design brief was to 

"create an original cover illustration forLittle White Lies magazine, depicting the main character of one of our five favourite films of 2011,"

I chose the movie Drive by danish director Nicolas Winding Refn because I think it's great and it gave me the chance to work in a different medium than I'm used to.

The main character played by Ryan Gosling has a dangling toothpick hanging in his mouth throughout the film. He's the strong silent type who lets his fist do most of the talking but also a thoughtful gentleman who's precision in driving race cars and getaway cars gives him a very sharp yet graceful image. Like toothpicks neatly placed in order to create this portrait. 
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