Muyua - Papua New Guinea - Central Solomon Sea
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    Woodlark Island, Papua New Guinea.
Muyua - Central Solomon Sea
Marginal reefs and swampland. Saltwater crocodiles up to 20ft in length are known to inhabit these waters.
Local resident in limestone cave. Glauconite minerals give the calcitic stalactites their greenish hue.
Island Life - Fisherman in outrigger canoe.
The beachfront is the main thoroughfare for many locals (out of frame to the left is Guasopa (crushed coral) airstrip, built by allied forces in WWII (c.1942).
Guasopa crushed coral airstrip (the island's key link to the outside world), bounded by sea and dense jungle.
United Church - Kaurai Village.
Tree ferns.
Muyuw youths looking seaward.
The road to Kaurai Village.
Boy returning to day camp from taro fields.
Stern of sailing outrigger.
Sailing outrigger canoe with bow towards the sea. This is typical of many seafaring cultures.
Village Life - Kauria. The island has no electricity, tarred roads or concrete foot paths (and only 7000 inhabitants). Muyua is an unspoilt tropical paradise, accessable only by boat or light plane.
Muyuw youth (Loti) standing next to 1000 year old funerary megalith.
Muyuw boy in field.
Muyuw family group in day camp, Kaurai district.
Mountain range west of Port Moresby.
Colonial relic (circa. 1890) uncovered in dense jungle at Woodlark King, a former gold mine.
Deckhand riding the bow towards Suloga Peninsula (bearing SW).
View of the Owen Stanley Ranges (from a single engine plane traversing this 12000ft behemoth).
Lava-like torrent of water, rich in volcaniclastic debris - Annual rainfall exceeds 5m.