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    Inspired from the book and the series called 'Cosmos' by Carl Sagan
We are all Star Stuff
Just a wallpaper that I designed to keep my feet on the ground while thinking about the stars.
Here I am, learning that everything that exists today came from the big bang. That the universe once fit in the palm of my hands and our sun, is just one of trillion gazillion others around us. Here I am, pondering if life, as it exists here on earth, exists anywhere else. Or if it exists but in a different form. Mars maybe. Or maybe on Titan. Here I am, learning that there was once a man named Eratosthenes in Alexandria, who with two pieces of wood and his sense of wonder, calculated the diameter of the earth. This was in 3rd centurey B.C. Here I am, learning the wonders of the universe. That a species such as us, so small and so irrelevant are in pursuit of unlocking the secrets of the universe.
And every 50 years or so a new hypothesis is born followed by a revalation of tremendous impact on our daily lives. Here I am realizing that in my past life (figurativly) I was a particle of dust or rather all but some dense gas molecule. That all of us just came from the stars. To my knowledge, there now exists such significant stuff as black holes, brown dwarfs and red giants. I also know that our own sun is in its teen age and, relatively, wont be long before it has a mid-lfe crisis. All life on this planet will perish in a billion years or so.
But our knowledge of the wonders beyond this humble planet might one day save us from complete oblivion. Here I am, learning why stars twinkle and why there is an immense amount of liquid metallic hydrogen on Jupiter's surface. Here I am, with the possibility of a paralell universe. A multiverse. That this universe is one of many and Voyager II has only gone past pluto and into the next 0.5% of the entire universe. But someday All of this will be gone. The universe is expanding and soon there will be no stars in the horizon. We will be all alone. We and our planets and this milky way, will be the only things in the dark, pitch black horizon of this universe. Here I am thinking, that if the entire universe were to fit, spread out across the entire globe, you would need 10 times the power of the strongest electron microscope to spot our solar system.
But alas, here you are mother, sitting next to me and wondering which religion is ok as per you. Here you are brother, wondering what you would do if your son married a girl from a different caste. Here you are my friend, wondering what your friend thinks of her friend and how it might be important to tell her what you might never have the balls to tell it to her face. Here I am among you all.

I'm tired and weary of these man-made religions, petty characters and pseudo gods.
I'm uninspired. I'm under-whelmed. Take me away.