2012 Dafouris Terra
Brand, 3-D Model, and Advertising for a Camper Van
My goal for the project was to design and model a car in 3-D, brand it, and create an advertising campaign for it. This would include a logo and wordmark with a custom typeface that can be used throughout the campaign. I planned to make print advertisements as well as a website.

The car I selected as the basis for this project was a camper van. The VW camper van has been unavailable in the United States for about eight years. There is little available in the niche market to replace the ­void the VW camper van left. My vehicle would be a competitor to VW if their camper van was still available in the United States.

I developed a list of goals for the company including being eco friendly with minimal impact on the environment and remaining affordable by minimizing unnecessary gadgets and equipment. The target market of the camper van model is outdoor oriented people and travel enthusiasts in the 25-60 year old age range.

Outside --> Translated into Latin --> Deforis --> Modified Spelling --> Dafouris

Earth --> Translated into Latin --> Terra
Overview Video
"Smolder" by Monokle & Galun (http://12rec.bandcamp.com/album/in-frame)
Car Design
Rendering and Compositing
The 3-D model was added to an environment utilizing a 360 degree HDRI and a backplate image.
Business Cards
Show Display