Buzludzha - memory of time is a conceptual project, which offers reconstruction of the building with minimal, but sufficient architectural and functional intervention, in order to make it a monument of time, telling the history of Bulgaria from the antiquity until today.
In the heart of Bulgaria there is an amazing socialist building, which is decaying for 26 years, only because it falls under the shadow of socialism. However, it inspires not only with its glamorous past (build for glorification of the socialist party in 1981), but also with its present condition, which makes it one of the 33 most beautiful abandoned places in the world. 
In order to save this admirable and symbolic architecture for the future generations, it has to be preserved with a new suitable function. This was the subject of the master thesis at the TU Berlin of Dora Ivanova. 
Creative Concept
Using clean and minimalist approach to represent the idea of Buzludzha-project. Uncluttered layout, pastel color gradient background and white linear sketches bringing a touch of architecture and modernity.