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    Magazine about technical stuff (ie. printing techniques) in Graphic Design.
OPEN Magazine
School project, magazine design.

Welcome to the first issue of OPEN. Wededicate this magazine to those who havean interest for exciting solutions increative work. The goal of OPEN is topresent in-depth information ofdifferent techniques and solutions,something we know you all have missed inother publications.

Every issue of OPEN will presentdifferent techniques, but will alsoinclude intriguing articles aboutinteresting subjects related to ourfield of work.

In this issue we will present a fewpost-computer techniques that hopefullywill inspire you consider a similarapproach in your own projects. For allof you that slept during the colortheory class in school, this issues goodto know article is an in-depth articleis about color.

We look forward to educate, inform andinspire you as much as possible. Inaddition, we hope this magazine willserve as a reference magazine of ideasand techniques for graphic designersaround the world.

Welcome aboard and enjoy!

(Illustration on the "What is Color" spread is done by Megz Niittynen (aka beautyinmetal) - http://www.flickr.com/photos/beautyinmetal)