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    Illustration for Book | Catalogue OFFF 2012 Barcelona Designed by drfranken

Our work, "Unkown Disorder Type" has been selected to be printed in the Book | Catalogue OFFF Barcelona 2012.

"The world that breathes heavily out there, the one that so often I feel unknown and strange, is wrong. It’s not beautiful, not always at least. In those rare moments in which it is, this world looks as if it’s lying to my face, insulting me and pretending to be something that it is not, so blatantly disguised.

There are some things in it that confuse me: curved lines that should be straight, straight lines that should be curved, desynchronized beats and dimmed odors, faded colors and lights that disagree with each other and make me sick, with nausea creeping up into my throat. It doesn’t inspire me to have this lazy, worn-out and expiring order forced onto me; I don’t want to dance to the rhythm of others, I want the world to dance for me.

Sometimes I can’t control myself. To see things out there that are not how they should be, where they should be, fills me with a terrible sense of unease… my hands start trembling and I ask myself: why should I accept this incorrect and perverse order if I can do it better, way better than that? And finally I get it; it hits me."

                                                              DESIGNED BY DRFRANKEN