Suicide Queen
7-color Screen Print
This was done as a companion piece to the KING for The Royal Couple show at the Get Up Gallery that opened in Las Vegas. We were asked to reimagine a suit from a deck of cards. I was assigned the king and queen of hearts - the Suicide King and Queen. Doing the research on those two ended up being a lot of fun.

The Queen of Hearts is sometimes referred to as Judith from the bible. If any of you recall, she lopped off the head of Holophernes and saved Israel from the rule of Nebuchadnezzar. (Now I'm finally understanding all the references in the Matrix!) So the Queen is definitely suspect of killing the King.

So I played off all that and added some of my own interests with the Day of the Dead and tattoo theme. Hope ya dig.

7 Color Screen Print
Signed & Numbered edition of 115

**Check out the time-lapse video at the bottom to see how I drew the art for this series.**