HOW-TO: Paper Cut
You can download a practice file here:
Step 1
Use the Pen tool to create the letter shapes and fill them with color.
Step 2
To add a shadow to the top part of your letter, double-click its layer in the Layer panel and choose Drop Shadow. Adjust the settings to achieve the desired effect. Uncheck the Use Global Light checkbox.
Step 3
Add Inner Shadow to the center part of your letter.
Step 4
Repeat Step 2
Step 5
To edit the shadow separately from the fill layer, go to Layer > Layer Style and choose Create Layer. In the Layer panel you’ll now have two layers: a shape layer and a Drop Shadow layer.
Step 6
Use the Eraser tool to remove parts of the shadow.
Next, let’s create a grainy paper texture. Make a new layer and fill it with grey color. Then go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise.
Step 7
To add a paper texture feel to your image, choose Soft Light in the Layer panel.
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HOW-TO: Paper Cut

HOW-TO: Paper Cut

Learn how to create a paper cut text effect.


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