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Cityscapes by MARC YANKUS

I am especiallyfascinated with the city in its rare moments of tranquility "as it sinks into slumber,as it rouses itself to face a new day. At such times the city is allabstraction "looming shapes, diffused light, spectral shadows.  In these moments of transientrepose, when its elements are briefly cloaked in softness, a kind of beautyenvelops even the most mundane street scenes… and my work aims to capture thatineluctable quality. This process of superimposing theold on the new serves as a metaphor for my wider conceptual interests, becausemy newest works "which are hushed and introspective, and which can be touchedwith melancholy "are, ultimately, reflections of the past, of my past, and ofthe passage of time.  

Eight Avenue
Sheridan Square
Heading Toward The Highway
Highway by Fenway Park
Where Stella Lives
One Big, One Small
Riverside Drive
Tower In The Park
Charles Street
The Building Though The Park
Coming To Town
Upper Chelsea
Building Behind Bush
Where Else