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    A very cool flat ribbons set with many and many ribbons for free!

 today I've prepared something for you.
As you probably guessed, this is a great set of flat elements!
   This set contains many different elements of Flat design such as:
• Ribbons
• Badges
• Separators

And so on.
The total number of elements in the set is more than 100.
   I tried to make them as comfortable as possible and practical to use in any project.
The main advantages of this set is:
• Full transformation.
• Changing the color.

For convenience, I made two versions of my set:
Free, which includes only the category of "Simple ribbons"
Commercial, which includes more than 100 elements!
For the commercial version now operates a huge discount of 60%, if you want to support me and to see the continuation of this set, buy the set now, by clicking on the link below.
Thank you!

Thank you for watching!
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