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    Various radio spots I've written through the years.
Someone once said that real writers write radio. That someone may have been me, but still – what better test of copywriting is there than a medium devoid of stylish visuals to distract from the lack of an idea? To that end, here are my favorite bits from campaigns gone by.
Stripes - Nellie :45/:15
Stripes - Planet Thirst :45/:15
McDonald's - Chachi Loves Pie
McDonald's - Just Say Oui
Mailboxes Etc. - Aunt Velma
Mailboxes Etc. - Skippy
Romano's Macaroni Grill - Sauce for One
Romano's Macaroni Grill - Basic Rules
Guy's Snacks - Elfin Magic
Guy's Snacks - Lord of the Chip
Thrifty Car Rental - In-laws
Thrifty Car Rental - The Need
Tracfone / 7-Eleven - Big Gulp
Tracfone / 7-Eleven - Bread
Kansas City Zoo - Annoy-a-Nurse
Kansas City Zoo - Health Alert