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1. Celestial Fonts & Vintage Pattern by Celcius Design
2. Kentang Typeface by Angkalimabelas
3. Moabhoers Typeface by Swistblnk
4. Neaments Typeface by Swistblnk
5. Kremlin Script by Arctic co.
6. Rebli ~ Solid & Bold Typeface by Arctic co.
7. Haze Typeface by The Branded Quotes
8. Worthwhile Font by The Branded Quotes
9. Asphalts and Shorelines – Collection by The Branded Quotes
10. Smoking typeface + Illustration by Gleb Guralnyk
11. Letterhead typeface with ornate by Gleb Guralnyk
12. Traveler typeface by Gleb Guralnyk
13. Vintage font «The age of modernity» by Gleb Guralnyk
14. Golden dust typeface by Gleb Guralnyk
15. Gothup Typeface by Vuuuds
16. Serffost Typeface by Vuuuds
17. Alehouse Combo Font by VintageTypeCo
18. Huxley Brush Script by VintageTypeCo
19. Nomad Icon Font by VintageTypeCo
20. Desiderata Typeface by Tortugastudio
21. Signorita Typeface by Tortugastudio
22. TT Books Script by TypeType
23. TT Inters by TypeType
24. Galpón Family, Greek+Cyrillic by RodrigoTypo
25. Ardilla Small by RodrigoTypo
26. Smile Pro Family +Cyrillic by RodrigoTypo
27. Goodfriend by RodrigoTypo
28. Tresno Typeface by Adhreza
29. Mementomori Typeface by Adhreza
30. Gulana Slab Serif by Adhreza
31. Sonten Typeface by Adhreza
32. December Typeface by Adhreza
33. Workaholic Typeface by Thirtypath
34. Autumn Flower Script by Thirtypath
35. Geuceu Typeface by Thirtypath
36. The Barrack Typeface by Thirtypath
37. Ballistic Typeface by Thirtypath
38. Crash One Typeface by Thirtypath
39. Ellizabeth Script by Unicode
40. Allexandrea Script by Unicode
41. Rachelle Script by Unicode
What’s Hot Bundle vol.8 – 41 New Fonts