Nainema / La Creación / The Creation
Basado  en la mitología Uitoto / Based on Uitoto´s  Mythology
There´s the Nothing. The Father - Moomadi Naainuema - which is the Nothing- ; felt, touched the imaginary, the mysterious. He focused, in a State of trance, looking within himself , then he  could control the Nothing, with the help of a thread of dreams and his breath .
Everywhere reigned the void, he examined its depth, he recited the Prayer of Nothing, but all was empty. The Father sought the beginning of our history, but all was empty. He tried to touch the background, here and there out of nowhere, tied with the thread of reveries, but all was empty.
In a state of trance he obtained the magical substances Arebaiki and Izeiki, which knotted and attached the Depth of  Nothing. 
He possessed the Nothing, flattened the depth with his feet, sat on that plane, and spread the Earth here and there. Then he controlled the Nothing.
He Transformed into water the saliva from his mouth. He sat in this part, removed from the earth as a membrane and created the blue sky (mogoguiko) and the white sky (koreko).
Rafuema, Father of the traditions, owner of the word, which teaches the good manners, at the edge of the sky, went to the underworld and sought within himself. Then the History of our existence and precepts to our lives has been created.
The wasp cut off our tail, the tail that people originally wore. The wasp cut off the tail of the frog and us, and so we become human beings. The people who left tailed became monkeys.
Then they looked at the top of the tree, it was carrying a lot of fruits. The pan was ready to crush how many ripe fruits had it!