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    Responsive redesign for Facing History and Ourselves.
Facing History And Ourselves is a nonprofit education think tank working to end racism and anti-semitism. In thier own words: "We help students learn about racism, antisemitism, and prejudice so they can prevent it from happening in the future." I'm personally attached to this mission, as my wife is Jewish. This massive responsive redesign project includes a resource library spanning 30 years and 14 content types, a robust professional development application with lessons and units, an innovative content playlist creator, and ecommerce. 

Role: Lead UX & visual designer
Deliverables: Client onsite for requirements gathering, User Flow docs, Interactive wireframes using Sketch & Invision, HTML prototype of primary navigation, high fidelity visual design mockups, additional UX documents and practices. 

I created a user flow document in Sketch that helps our team to zoom out and see all of the key content and interactions at a glance. It also helped us to determine how many unique views and components needed to be wireframed and mocked up. 
With the help of co-designer, Jessica Tate, I created an extensive collection of wireframes using Sketch and Invision. 
Our client need some visuals to get their CEO excited about the redesign and approve the budget. Armed only with a color palette and an old brand guide, I created 2 distinctly different home page designs. A 3rd version was created to merge the two into one final design. 
Below are the wireframes for a brand new feature - an innovative playlist creator for educators. The concept is to allow members to bookmark and curate any piece of content on the site, which we lovingly refer to as "chunks." This can be text, video, audio, lessons, units, etc. Content in playlists can easily be grouped, categorized and ordered any way the user wishes, and then shared with others.