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    “Art shall not be confined to a museum, but shall be displayed in the whole city.”
This project is base on the International Nuclear Event in Futaba, Japan 2011. From this point of view, Japan is basically built a NuClear Bomb on the Pacific seismic belt, and not far away from Japan, in Taiwan, which is my hometown. Is recently plan to re-built a 4th NuClear power station on this small Island in a Seismic zone. This plan has suspended from the American Contractor nearly 13 years ago, 27th October 2000, however the government of Taiwan try to use the rough technics and knowledge to reconstruct the project in the end of 2011. In 9th March 2013 there will be a wide-ranging of legal protests in the north, middle and south part of Taiwan, and the main place will located in front of the Presidential palace in Taipei, the capital city. Lastly, the aim of this poster is try to remind people that it is never to late to change, and the best day is today. He said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”― Mahatma Gandhi

From the aspect of geography, Human race existed destruct the planet. Fossil fuel vanish, fossils are disappearing from where they belong, landslip. Left a thousand year's plastic waste, sinking in the mother's land. The next generation on the earth might say so, Triassic, Jurassic, or Nurassic for the golden age. Human being- the most arrogant and conceited civilization on the earth. In the end, they finally extinct by their self-esteem, which is the power of destroy- The NuClear Power.
Anti-America Beef 
Anti-America Beef poster is basic on the design of America, beef and Taiwan. The event’s organizers hope to stop the government imports of U.S. beef offal, meat grinder and bone marrow.

Our intelligence
is not made to dedicated to the rights of greedy desires
nor a small number of human
We strived to give ourselves a better world

We recognized the reality of the so-called reality
and knew that it’s nothing but a fraud

Rules only regulate the majority of people
Yet let a few have the supreme power

99% of the human kneeled before the royalty
Now you want to continue
Kneeling down to the money too?

We accept marketing and deceiving words on the ads
We go green and save money so that that multinational corporations can earn more money longer
We are innocent and naive
But we are not fools

Wake up!
Rejecting the use of currency is our best weapon!
Overthrow a small number of evil forces
99% of people are good in general

We need you
You are us

Let our children learn what they love
Dancer, artists are as respectable as doctors

Let our children have a future
Do not live in a world dominated by multinational companies

Let our children be free!
Remind us of childhood dreams now!
Let us create our own future now!

I hope to make Oct.15th “No currency day.”
iChange Free Market 
iChange Free Market’s logo is a satirical riff on the design of Visa credit cards. The event’s organizers hope to facilitate conversations instead of financial transactions.