a HAYAO MIYAZAKI tribute by Evan Raditya Pratomo

I applied double exposure technique on Studio Ghibli photo I took in January to Hayao Miyazaki portrait illustration for a reason – to show his love for nature through the vines on the wall of his studio; yet it also depicts what he once said, “Humans have both the urge to create and destroy.”

After I finished this neat line art, I knew I wanna make a double-exposure-esque art, but, on this phase, I still can't imagine how it will turned out to be. It's okay, because Pirates will figure out the treasure chest location when they're in a pinch.
I use a very easy technique to applied this double-exposure effect. Just choose "screen" effect on the layer photo and voila! 

P.S: Use white background to make it easier.
To find out the overall mood and looks are my favorite things to do. Usually, I took it longer than sketching, coloring, and layouting. Since we live in the hipster era, I wanna make it looks a little bit like to be polished by instagram's filter. 
Humans have both the urge to create and destroy. - Hayao Miyazaki
 Studio Ghibli photos I took at Higashi Koganei, Tokyo.
Winter, 29 January 2015.

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