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    Behind the scenes of my first award-winning typeface
Geometrika is my first typeface, created for the Morisawa Type Design Competition 2014.
Inspired by Paul Renner's Futura typeface and Nihei Tsutomu's futuristic artworks, Geometrika is an experimental geometric sans-serif (perhaps the first in East Asian typography?) Each character was reconstructed with simple geometric shapes - circles, triangles, parallel lines - and the form was distilled to the edge of legibility limits. Apart from the futuristic and minimalistic design, deep down there's a vision of prototyping what East Asian scripts will look like in the 22nd century (seriously).
Geometrika won an Honorable Mention in the Morisawa competition, the only non-Japanese winner in the Kanji category. There is plan to make it a full-blown usable font, albeit the final design would be quite different.
First draft bold version (not used)
Final light-weight version with a more futuristic touch
The "みや" ligature is my favorite construction.
At the moment I got this printout for final checking, I start to understand and appreciate the incredible patience needed for type designers to produce typefaces we use every day. Each typeface is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.
Trophy, certificate and showcase book from Morisawa. There's always such kind of elegance in Japanese designs.
The funny feeling to see your work printed on a book. It's also great to receive comments from the admirable judges, including MUJI art director Kenya Hara! His comment reads:
"I sense an aesthetic appeal in the manner in which the characters are captured. Some characters are illegible, but I feel that the challenge of how far a character can be deconstructed and yet remain legible is interesting."