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    A copy of the digital work of paper.
Gans. The new test.
variation of the old work
he factthat at one time, testing the ability to work on the tablet, I created a workexclusively in digital format. There have been merged, and a goose gun. Theidea of the work itself was born a few days before buying a tablet. It seemedto me that the head of a goose like a gun, and I thought that I was interestedin this draw. When the work was created and completed, many people liked it.And I was very surprised when I was asked to make a handmade copy of this workfor the interior. Formats and tools are so different that it generated interestfrom the viewpoint of technology. I agreed to do the copy. The final format ofthe images was 120x80 cm on hard cardboard, I used some materials: ink,watercolor and pen capillary. The task was not to make an exact copy of thework and as a result of almost two illustrations are similar but still differin mood and plastic. It was an interesting experience.
This is a digital duplication of the original work. Digital brother of the man-made illustrations. Smaller Number of subs on the format and materials used. Next I will show what happened as a result of the paper.