House in Field
Architectural Design Project of a private house in Rønde, Denmark.
At a rural, hilly site in the east of Jutland, Denmark, a field is stretched between the natural windbreaks on both sides and pervaded by the ravine in the middle. The house is located close along the windbreak on the right enforcing the depth of the ravine and the heigth of the windbreaks.
Across the longitudinal axis the house reaches out in the field in both visibility and space. Enforcing the contact across the site, the border between house and field is dissolved on the sides of the house using sticks and framework to form a fading transition between the exterior and the interior as well as being a continuation of the windbreaks growing close to the house.
The light wood structure is partially dressed with a shell of steel plates. These materials will encourage the trace of time effecting the house to merge even more with its existing surroundings.