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    Interpretation of a gallery painting exhibition from the photography point of view

This is my photographic interpretation of the exhibition of Manolo Valdés held in May 2008 at the Galería Freites. This gallery has an intense and demanding architecture, all works exhibited here should ask for an integration with its lights, spaces and conception.
My aim as a photographer is to make evident the intimate correspondence of these works with the surroundings of the installation: they cannot be considered any more as isolate items but more adequately as binomials, works-gallery.
This is specially the case of the huge paintings which were framed with very reflective glass. I am not sure if this was accidental but how could I ignore these conspicuous reflections which deliberately impose a guide in the eyes of the spectator from each painting to the gallery, to other works and spectators, and even to the exterior of the gallery?
That is my guess: these works relate intimately to the spectator's intimate perception space

Explore my "immersions", my personal way to show the different layers of visual phenomena, plane after plane of visual experience, as revealed by the camera shots and subsequent digital post production.