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    Advertisement and flyer for Operation Transbearency.
Operation Transbearency
Social Action Campaign for the Sunlight Foundation

Advertisement: 3C
Flyer: 4C

Operation Transbearency was an action campaign conducted by the Sunlight Foundation's Organizing team. The action sought to spread the word about government transparency by appearing at events held during Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear. Since Stephen Colbert's on-air persona has a hatred/fear of bears, the concept revolved around that awesomeness of bears and their desire to "Follow the Honey". Design support for this action included a flyer, a micro-site, signage, t-shirts, pins, stickers, and a back-cover advertisement for a special edition of The Onion.
 Back-cover 3C advertisement. Appeared in The Onion's special edition for the Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear, Oct 30th 2010.
Front cover of event flyer.
Back cover of event flyer.