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    Web and tablet application designed for the Sunlight Foundation. Part of a team project.
Rex the Cleanosaur
In-house Kitchen Duty app
Winner of the Sunlight Labs Olympics 2010.

Rex the Cleanosaur was the winning entry in the Sunlight Labs yearly "Labs Olympics". The team comprised of developer Jeremy Carbaugh and Drew Vogel, and designer Chris Rogers. This application is meant to aid in keeping a kitchen cleaning schedule within an organization. The project is open source and available on GitHub. You can read more about the app on Sunlight's blog.

iPad view.

This view is for the user to interact with inside the kitchen area. The person who's duty it is to clean the kitchen is displayed, and other users can 'nudge' or 'throw a bone' to let the person know how they are doing for the day.

iPad view.

Confirmation window for a 'nudge'.

Photo of the app in action.

Loaded onto a wi-fi capable tablet, the app can synch with the calendar system and keep track of who's day it is. The tablet allows users to interact with the app while in the kitchen.
Web view for Rex the Cleanosaur.

The web view allows for users to view the schedule and see how they rate against other co-workers (not shown).
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