Islamic Republic
As a matter of fact Iran is back in the looks like the next disaster is just around the corner. Therefore I had to remind myself of my experiences in Iran not long ago.
After Greece and Turkey I entered Iran at the beginning of June 2011. I had so many expectations, opinions and was kind of frightened and excited at the same time. I tried not to, but as you can imagine, it is quite hard not to think of prejudgements about the Islamic Republic of Iran. The worldwide, especially the western press, is doing a great job brainwashing people. On the other hand there is a lot which is going "wrong" in this country. Just think of women's rights and the brutal dictatorship by the so called government which is totally controlled by the religious leader Imam Khamenei (just to name a few). 
These impressions shall not judge but show the everyday life and beauty of this amazing and old country rich of culture and history. I never met more friendly and helpful people on my long journey through Asia.
Cities I've visited: Tabriz, Teheran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Mashhad

Islamic Republic