Over the years, Ron Brugal has become the night of October 31 a tradition in the Dominican Republic. The name Halloween is pronounced differently.
Unlike countries such as the US and the UK, here called Brugaloween and its main ingredient does not cause fear but joy.
The client needed to communicate the performance of 16 parties, which in many cases would be held simultaneously in crowded places in
he city during Halloween celebrations in Santo Domingo. The solution was to create a character who gave life to these celebrations and at
the same time quickly communicate information from the parties.

"Disco Killer"
One rainy night, near midnight, a young man self proclaimed the king of Halloween night and sparked by this action the wrath of the souls who
cursed him, converting it into a dark being with abominable aspect, sentenced to eternally wander night parties in October. Thus was born the character "Disco Killer"