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    reportage on the "Ballo al Palchetto" in the province of North Italy
The "Ballo al palchetto" is a form of entertainment popular in Italy, especially in northern regions. This type of dance, also called " il Liscio" the music is mostly mazurkas, polkas,waltzes and derivatives, sometimes the tango. For those who practice this is a ritual, postureand gait in the walk is to respond to certain laws. The music is performed by amateurs, but more often by professionals, the repertoire ranges up to 60 years of Italian music, even whenthese orchestras play their songs are inspired waltzes and mazurkas polkas texts speak of their lands, and distant past and loves dgli the good old days, a mix of nostalgia and kitsch.
Here I wanted to document the postures of the dance, and what you can see the melancholy of copies of dancers