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    Durable paperboard 3D Christmas card for Iggesund Paperboard
Iggesund Christmas Card 2011

Often Holiday cards arediscarded as quickly as the wrapping paper around presents. They come and go asfast as the festive period itself. Not for Iggesund Paperboardthough. The Holiday card designed for Iggesund is a real keeper. The card isdelivered flat, like any other card, but thanks to a smart folding system, thecard can easily be transformed into a photophore. A Swedish based patternwraps around the object and allows the light from a candle or L.E.D light toshine through and playfully throw light reflections that spells the company’sname. Result: a Holiday card that,even in our digital era, truly relates to the spirit of this high quality papermanufacturer and spreads the light and magic of Christmas for months to follow.