Nursery and Kindergarten 
Guadalmar, Malaga
Guadalmar | orthophotomap
The intervention is located in an urban void in the Guadalmar area of ​​Málaga.
The proposal for this site has the purpose of characterizing this place with a new program: a children's school. It will work as a support for people living around this area.

The strategy is based on the reorganization of the triangular parcel, creating a single piece that establishes a relationship of dialogue with the landscape and with the urban context. The concept seeks to create a small city ripped by its streets and squares.  The program is distributed by volume, according to its function, divided by the circulations and distributed by the two courtyards, which also serve as playground for children.

The volumetry of pure shape, fragments through the patios that try to invade the interior of the building, creating a ratio of full / empty on the elevations of the building. The enclosure is treated to become a large garden, which serves not only the school with play areas, but also the population with green areas. The whole relationship of the building with the green areas is articulated with the route that unifies the whole plot.
site plan
 orthophotomap + intervention
scheme | uses: children, public and services
scheme | full / empty
scheme | circulations
ground floor plan
longitudinal section
axonometric view
detail  | constructive section
conceptual model