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    Various self-directed projects at equally various stages of completion.
These are card designs for a sadly discontinued game called TRAITOR.
I just finished the art on a big ol' historical graphic novel called SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO, written by Ted Fox. Below are some things.
Postcards, I guess? I don't think they're usually square. Anyways, this next one is from Ozymandias, which you can find in full elsewhere on this site:
Comedians Dave Anthony and Greg Bherendt used to have a very funny podcast where they essentially had a collective nervous breakdown every week, and would usually toss out at least one brilliant idea for a show or film. This is the album art of the soundtrack to what would likely be a great movie.
Fireskull graced the back of MY FAVORITE BAND DOES NOT EXIST by Robert T. Jeschonek, Clarion Books 2011. He's hilarious.
Below are header images for short stories set in the world of my sci-fi graphic novel, GANG OF FOOLS.