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    intervention in space
Foreign Landscapes

Empty , melancholy, smooth, absorbent, ingested , one solid form ...

Yet how can one artificially created object be fitted in to the nature? It is possible to supplement  the already  present melancholy? Embody with it.

Although at times empty and deserted , in those frozen moments some energy can be felt due to the heavy clouds and wild waves. A certain rhythmic movement can be sensed.

The light , the space, the surrounding (the environment) are the basic creators of this installation.
With their help a life is given to the material and the object itself. And that was the basic idea : setting the artificially  created and artificially  shaped objects in the nature.; embodying with this mood  of the nature. Thus it will be enchanted and ingested in the alread
y existing  shape.
Being embosomed to it.

inspiration - Hauschka  "Foreign landscapes"