Children's book illustrations for Riacho de Prata
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    Work for a children's book called Riacho de Prata, published in Portugal.
Illustrations done for a children's book published in Portugal called "Riacho de Prata". 
They were done with acrylic paint and acrylic ink.
The story is about a white horse who dreams about flying to the moon. On his way he speaks with several natural elements such as the sea, wind, clouds, etc.

On the images bellow I will try to explain how I resolved each image (I'll be updating this as soon as I have time). 
* * *
Estas ilustrações foram feitas para o livro "Riacho de Prata". O mesmo foi escrito pela autora Paula Sá.
Nas imagens abaixo irei tentar explicar como resolvi cada imagem (irei actualizando à medida que tenho tempo).
On the above illustration I had to illustrate the mother reading the story to her child while the boy was imagining it. The letters of the text occupied the darkest parts of the image.
Personification of a wave.
Personification of wind.
Personification of a cloud.