Come late 3rd quarter of 2015, it is time to produce another animated short! The initial direction for the animation was provided by the CEO of SOZO, Shawn Chin. Since idol animes are the rage at the moment (and has been for the longest time), it will be interesting to put Seika into an idol-inspired sequence. The particular reference animation he directed us to was the idol episode for The World Only God Knows. 
Approximately two months after the animation project was kicked off, here is the end results! 
For this particular animation, CDS' main role lies in the pre-production and backgrounds while the production process was handled by CACANi with CDS' WaHa providing a supervisorary role within the animation team. The storyboard below, also done by WaHa, was actually the third and final version. 
By then, MOONWALKER by May'n was already chosen to be the song that idol Seika sings so this version of the storyboard takes that into consideration. 
This time, the costume design for Seika Anisong ver. was already designed by Nob-c. Thus WaHa only needed to draw the character model based on the initial design with certain simplification to make it more animation friendly. 
The stage design was provided by Space Penguin according to the pre-set color script. The idea was that the stage can be exaggerated but still possible within a Suntec convention hall setting. 
Within the animation itself, a good number of the backgrounds, including all key backgrounds, are done by Space Penguin.
This version of Seika was designed by WaHa to be part of the backdrop during the animation. Additional work on the illustration was provided by Saiseki and Pricey. 
Here's the credits to all the animation staff involved in the project! The animation would not have been completed without everyone putting their part into it!