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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw0Gy2H2dsw The Como Agua Series by Porsche Jones "Como Agua" is a set of 6 images drawn from Laura Esquival's "… Read More
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw0Gy2H2dsw The Como Agua Series by Porsche Jones "Como Agua" is a set of 6 images drawn from Laura Esquival's "Like Water For Chocolate." The Como Agua series is a series of sensual, textural images of food objects that are semi-abstracted by destructive, elemental forces. The series runs the gamut from symbollism to abstraction, cataloging the progress of wholeness to destruction. On one level, the food objects have been personified with characteristics that give them a more human psyche (such as the singularity of the tomato, or the distrubance of the eggs). However the real function of these characteristics is to draw from vivisectors of emotion in the novel: sorrow, or distress, or passion, or aloneless, which are described by the novel in terms of food. When Tita is "Like Water for Chocolate" it means she is full of rage---about to boil over. There are many points in the novel when this connection between inner emotions and food can affect spells on the characters. The ritual of eating can transmit lust, despair, or even death. The recipe book reads like a spellbook; the story rife with supernatural happening. That is why the Como Agua series is structed around elemental forces, such as fire, water, air (space), dirt, human emotions, and destruction. Elements are transformative, such as the ability of fire to ignite, devour, spark, and explode. "A Recipe for Making Matches" shows bread actively burning and is the cornerstone of the series. Elemental magic is also important with "In Rose Petal Sauce," where the cool metal interacts with the hot red petals. There is a transmission of heat, a transformative property. "Tita (a Pomagranite) and the Inifinite Layer of Ash" is unique in the series because the subject has been almost completely abstracted. There are two points in the novel where the subjects undergo complete destruction and transformation; one is described as a "swirling vortex" and the other leaves the whole ranch under a blanket of ash. The pomegranite has been sprinkled with ash and dirt to represent this type of death. "Tomate Pasado" (last tomato) comes from earlier in the book, where Tita felt like the last, lonely chile on the platter. Ripe and available, the tomato hangs suspended in space. Space is the transformative elemental in this image. "Roberto" is an image of a broken egg, running over with water. Water is the element in this image, streaming down like tears. Read Less
Como Agua
The Como Agua Series by Porsche Jones
Como Agua is a series of large-scale art photographs inspired by the novel "Like Water for Chocolate" and the themes surrounding forces of elemental transformation.
In Rose Petal Sauce
Tita, a Pomegranite, and the Infinite Layer of Ash
Last Tomato
Wedding Cake
A Recipe for Making Matches