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    Infographic on historical influences on children's literature
The assignment: Outline the connection between changes to European society in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the development of the various genres of children’s literature.
Having the option to either write a paper (lame) or present a design summarizing learning (fun), I opted for the latter. The project is an exercise in learning about historical influences on Children's literature wrapped up in information architecture and design.
The tone and style is academic, focusing on relevant, citable information. The result discusses events in Canadian and British history, technological advances in printing and their combined impact on children's literature.
I've given several public presentations on infographic design, and the below illustrates the process which goes into creating a good infographic. Arguably the most difficult phase in the process is distilling information. On any given subject there's a myriad of information to select, and choosing only the most relevant is incredibly time consuming. It ain't easy making things easy.