Counting the Days
In an old castle in the middle of Sicily, Daniela and Mark were going to tie the knot. 

A beautiful ceremony with people coming all over the world needed a memorable invitation.

The Protagonists

The happy couple - Daniela, from Sicily, and Mark, from Holland, contacted us to design an unforgettable invitation for their wedding. They were looking forward to that day so much, that the only thing that made perfect sense was to design a sort of calendar.

The Plot

The invitation had a wheel on the front counting down the days to the wedding. The “countdown” took a really funny turn when, a few weeks before the wedding, all the guests started posting on the bride and groom’s Facebook page the number of days left until the wedding!
The invitation was printed in two colours (red as a symbol of Sicily and orange as the national colour of The Netherlands) and was printed on Vintage paper by Arjo Wiggins. For the occasion, we also redesigned Sicily’s logotype, with a Dutch twist.

The Result

The invitation was featured in different design books and magazines for the great use of the paper, the original idea and the simple colours combination. We definitely reinvented the wheel!

Note: We have since received many emails asking us to re-create/adapt this invitation for other weddings. We are sorry to say that this is a custom invitation and cannot be reproduced or copied. However, we are happy to design an invitation that it's yours only, honouring your wedding and the celebration of your union. If you have an amazing story that you visually want to turn into an invitation, feel free to contact us!

Counting The Days
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