Counting The Days
Client: Private
Responsibilities: graphic design and illustration.

In 2012, a happy couple, a Sicilian bride and a Dutch groom, hired me to design
an unforgettable invitation to announce their wedding.
 They were looking forward to that day
so much, that the only thing that came to my mind was to design a sort of calendar.

The invitation has on its front a wheel that counts down the days to the day of the wedding.

The “countdown” took a really funny turn when few weeks before the wedding, all the guests started to publish the number of days left until the wedding on the bride and groom’s
Facebook page!

The invitation is printed in two colours (red symbol of Sicily and orange, Dutch national colour) and printed on a Vintage paper by Arjo Wiggins. For the occasion, I also redesigned Sicily’s logotype, adding some tulips, the Netherland’s symbolic flower.

Font used: Quicksand by Andrew Paglinawan (free download from: