Learning from Life.

EMBL is one of the world’s leading research institutions. site-works had developed the campaign celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2014 which has been repeatedly awarded as one of the best integrated campaigns. It puts the company and more particularly the impact of its research into the public eye. And allows EMBL's highly technical and complex work to be understood by those who are interested but no experts in the topics. The information is informative, humorous, entertaining, understandable and unforgettable – leading to the discovery page www.embl.de/leben at its heart. From Autumn 2015 on “Learning from Life” has been not only continued but also expanded by various event, public relations and internet measures.

communication concept
40th year anniversary campagne
promotion "Friends of EMBL"
invitation "A Dinner fo Life"
EMBL cinema commercial

Client     European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL):
                        Prof. Matthias Hentze, Astrid von Soosten,
                                                Nina Papritz, Esther Liebig

Agency                                                        site-works AG:
                                                 Klaus Eckert, Jens Dietrich

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EMBL - Learning from Life.